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  • Does Lil Bro's offer cobranded bottles for my event?
    We're glad you asked! We've created custom, cobranded labels for a special event at least a hundred times before. Okay, maybe not that many times, but either way we're ready to accept requests for your next corporate event, wedding, quinceñera, or pet birthday celebration.
  • What makes Lil Bro's hot sauces different from the hot sauces I grew up with?
    Owning a bottle of Lil Bro's hot sauce gives you instant street cred. Beyond that, most other basic hot sauces are vinegar-based while Lil Bro's is cooked slow and low. Our peppers are roasted then pureed, allowing them to fulfill their natural peppery flavor potential and eliminating the need for vinegar and other unecessary additives.
  • I ate too much Ghost Pepper Habañero Chipotle sauce and my mouth is on fire. What now?
    Drink some milk and buy the Jalapeño Serrano Garlic next time. Rookie.
  • Where is Lil Bro's hot sauce made?
    In my bathtub. ...What? Okay - don't tell anyone but the real story behind Lil Bro's is production facility is a commercial grade kitchen in Sacramento, CA. Using the advanced technology our kitchen grants, we're able to keep our focus on maintaining a sterile and sanitary production environment, bangin' enough bottles out to keep the community happy, and having fun doing it.
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